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2009 Blogs

September 23, 2010

Subject : Gearin’ up for the new year.
Posted Date: : Dec 8, 2009 10:31 PM

Glad to say that we have big plans for the new year. We’ve been taking it easy writing new material and deciding what we want to do with our band. We will be a little more selective with our shows, because as we found out, it is easy to over book and under achieve.

In January, same time as last year, we are hanging out with our buddy Ryan Wert of Elm Street Recording ( ) I don’t think we will be able to accomplish all of our goals in one weekend, but we will try our hardest to put out our new songs soon.

New Tracks include an Intro, Whatever it Takes, Say it First, Die For This, The August Incident, Everyone’s A Critic, and one unnamed track.

Also we will be touching up our logo, ordering more shirts and stuff, and getting some pro pics taken.

And in February, thanks to our buddy Nate Dorough, we are back at Hartland Performing Arts Center playing with Of Virtue and others.

Hartland Performing Arts Center – Doors 530pm | All Ages | $8.00 ADV/$8.00 DOS
With Special Guests A Hero Falls, Wilson, Lich, and others TBA”

Subject : Another Note
Posted Date: : Oct 2, 2009 12:35 PM
While checking in on our buddy, Alan Smith, of Lamocu Productions, we caught mention of the show at The Well. Which reminded me, I have to say thanks to Donnie Nothnagel for filling in for our bass player Jake. Jake was unable to play and so Donnie was forced to learn a set in the matter of a few hours. Good job Donnie and thanks again.
Fusion @ The Well!
Fusion entertainment has a huge show at The Well tonight, unfortunately I cannot attend…but you still can! One of our favorite bands, A Hero Falls is performing so get there if you can. Of course it’s competing with “friday night lights” but if you’re into that, by all means get there.

The Well is located at 7191 Grand River, same side as Rollerama just two miles away from I-96’s exit 145. “Just” behind a place called InSights that you people that follow this blog may be familiar with. By the way, you’ll see the sandwich sign out front for tomorrow’s show at InSights, that’s when you’ll know when to turn. lol But rock on tonight, our best to Nate and the gang of A Hero Falls!

Subject : Updating Profile
Posted Date: : Oct 1, 2009 11:48 AM
While we are working on a layout for our Myspace, I wanted to make sure that some information was posted in this blog that may not have a spot on the page anymore. First, we have a list of the sites of companies, venues, promoters, and friends that have helped us make our way through this last year. They deserve credit for their efforts, so I will list them here.


Subject : The Well
Posted Date: : Sep 27, 2009 9:32 PM
We had a great show at The Well this weekend. I’m sure that once people are familiar with where it is located that the venue will be a staple in the community. It felt a lot like our show at The Opera House w/ Kill Paradise, the diversity of genres was entertaining. Good job to Giraffe Attack, kudos for being a fellow rock band with a girl in the group. And thanks again to Nate at Fusion Shows for orchestrating the event. -Ry

Subject : Slow Weekend
Posted Date: : Aug 24, 2009 8:24 PM
The Downside:
The Bloodletting show at Oade’s Hidden Camel was cancelled for some unknown reasons and then we were unable to play the show at the Bullfrog.

The Upside:
We were able to finish the new song Whatever It Takes. Now it will be ready for our show next weekend at Galaxy. And we are close to finishing another couple songs.

More Downside:
It’s looking like our show next weekend may be one of the last shows we will be playing for a while. Things are slowing down as it is back to school time.

More Upside:
It has been a good year for us. We officially started in January, got our first couple shows in March and have played over a dozen all together. Also, we have a nice demo completed and copy written.

See everyone next week at Galaxy, We will post more info on our winter schedule as soon as we iron it out.

Subject : Opera House w/ Kill Paradise
Posted Date: : Aug 3, 2009 11:42 AM
An interesting show at an interesting venue, The opera house’s first floor is more like an art galleria then anything else but it made for a loud and unique show. We would definitely go back to play there. Upstairs is a whole different story though, that’s where the actuall opera part is hidden away. The theatre is awesome, it makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. We are strongly considering doing band photos there.

It was good to see our friends and family there as well, thanks for supporting us as always.

Everyone should go to and check out all the other awesome shows they have going on. Look for the Think Local concert series featuring the best acts of Livingston County.

Subject : It’s been awhile
Posted Date: : Jul 13, 2009 10:24 AM
A lot has happened in the last couple weeks that we haven’t had the chance to tell you about. Starting with the Band Jamboree at Badlands Entertainment Complex where we played with a couple other acts for Lunchbox Lynn from Z93 FM. We made some good contacts over at Oade’s Hidden Camel, and we set up another show with the infamous Bloodletting. We can’t wait to play with these guys again. Also, We have almost sold out of tickets for the show August 2nd at The Howell Opera House. And we are really close to finishing 4 new tunes. So there you have it, lots of things to look forward to from shows to tunes.

And thanks again to our friends in Break The Day, who showed up to our show this weekend in pirate costumes. It wouldn’t have been any fun without them. Also, thanks to Lamocu Productions for providing a couple relaxing acoustic acts.

Posted Date: : Jun 15, 2009 10:47 AM
Last weekend we competed in an all-day Battle of the Bands at Galaxy Entertainment Center, and we won! We always have a great time at Galaxy with Mr. and Mrs. C., and it was good to see Danielle before she leaves (have a good time in Wyoming). So, thanks to everyone that stayed to hang out with us, everyone that voted for us, and the judges that gave us good scores. We’ll see you all again on July 18th.

Included in our prize for winning is a package from Monumental Promotions of 50 t-shirts. You can check out their website at Looks like we’ll have a lot of merch at our upcoming shows.

Also, we met Chris Moore from Xclusiv Entertainment. Check him out at We hope that our new relationship will lead to good things. We’ve already started booking with him.

Subject : Insights w/ Break The Day
Posted Date: : Jun 7, 2009 7:48 PM
The show on saturday was everything a great show could be. Mosh pitting, crowd surfing, backflips, and of course good music. Break The Day was a blast to play with, and they brought in a good crowd. Nothing got broken and noone was hurt so all in all it was a perfect show.

We are still tryin to pin down a date for our next show at Insights with Alan Smith. We definitley want to make that a home for us. Alan has been great at providing promotions and merchandising. We can’t thank him enough for volunteering his time to help us.

Anyone that lives in the area needs to come out to a show at Insights. I can’t stress it enough. This venue has a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere that everybody can appreciate and for an added bonus they have concessions. Insights is located at 7187 Grand River Ave. in Brighton right by the RollerRama II and Diversified Motors.

Again, thanks to Break The Day for rockin out with us, thanks to Alan Smith for orchestrating the event, and more importantly thanks to everone that paid money for tickets and merch. It means everything to us.

Subject : An update by Alan Smith
Posted Date: : Jun 3, 2009 11:56 PM
A blog about our upcoming show at Insights. Written by Alan Smith of Lamocu Productions.

You can read it in it’s entirity at:

A Hero Falls returns to InSights on June 6th! Lamocu Productions is very excited about this show and proud to be associated with these young people. Rarely do you see talent and personality go hand in hand, but such is the case here. I mean I loved Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple and Rainbow) a genius with the guitar but, also a known creep to work with. His temper was legendary and when he would lose his temper at a DP concert it would force the remaining members to work that much harder to put on a good show for the audience—I have the dvd to prove it. lol It is documented that you could “almost” make an entire band (except Lead Guitarist of course) out of the musicians he had fired from Rainbow. But such is not the case with these young people at all. They all have good heads on their shoulders and are a pleasure to be around. We at Lamocu have been very impressed not only their talent but with their personality, intelligence & professionalism.

If you think that you don’t hear enough good news about young people, only the bad, you’re in for a treat with A Hero Falls. It is hard rock make no mistake about it, but it is rock and roll that all ages can appreciate and enjoy. They are our “new” favorite around here and feel confident you will feel the same once you see them. Check out their link to MySpace or find them on Facebook.

Tickets for the show are $10 adults, $5 for children and students with ID. Doors for the 8pm show will open 7pm. Hope to see you all there, thanks and stay tuned.

Subject : Acoustic set / T-shirts
Posted Date: : Jun 1, 2009 6:51 PM
Saturday’s party on the lake was awesome. The Red Wings won, we went on the boat and tubed, and we got to jam on some acoustic guitars. While playing, we kinda decided that we want to record an acoustic set. Maybe we’ll do that sometime soon.

Also, we want everyones designs and ideas/requests for T-shirts. If we end up useing your design, we will give you free stuff. There are no restrictions on how many colors you can use or how big the design can be. Just be creative. We already have orders pending, so send us your ideas quickly.

-A Hero Falls

Update: when we have enough submissions for shirt designs, we will put them in a photo album and have everybody vote on which one we will make.

Subject : BledFest 2009
Posted Date: : May 25, 2009 1:54 PM
Thanks to all our friends and families that made it out to BledFest to support us. We didn’t have a whole lot of time to promote the show, but you still made it out. It was definitely a learning experience for us playing in such a large event, I heard a rumor that there was over 1800 people there. We got to see how larger bands promote their merch and show times, and what kind of stage presence they bring. Also we handed out almost 200 demo cds in less than a half hour. Hopefully that will help us get our name out there.

Special thanks to Nate Dorough of Fusion Shows for giving us the opportunity that he did. And aside from the fun we had as a band, we had an even better time as fans. Watching awesome bands like Tiger Tiger, The Anytime, The Mastodon Infantry, Siren The Escape, Ender, and Versus The Ocean.

For more info on other shows put on by Fusion got to:
and to keep an eye out for next years BledFest go to:

Subject : Elm Street and Bled Fest!!
Posted Date: : May 18, 2009 8:36 PM
What a great weekend we had. We spent saturday and sunday putting new vocals on our old demo and fixing some minor things. And we added two new songs to the list: “Ashes” and “Fallout”. Also, we have a couple other songs that are in the works so look forward to hearing those. But, for now check out the new demo up on our page today. And as always, thanks to Ryan Wert for all his hard work. check out the studio at:

In other great news to be revealed this weekend, A Hero Falls has been added to the roster of bands playing at the local Bled Fest. We are so excited to play there and to watch some other awesome bands like Tiger! Tiger!, The Mastodon Infantry, and La Dispute. With 58 bands on 5 stages this will be the biggest concert to hit Livingston County. Be there May 23rd (this saturday) at the Hartland Performing Arts Center. we will be on Stage D @ 5:30.

Check it out:

Subject : 5th out of 20.
Posted Date: : May 11, 2009 10:16 AM
The first order of business is to thank Mr and Mrs C. for hosting such an awesome event. Can’t wait to see the lineup at next year’s BOTBs (We’ll be back). Galaxy is a genuine, family friendly, music oriented venue and we are more than happy to make the drive to play there. We wish them luck with all the difficulties the local law enforcement has been causing.

Just making it to the finals was an accomplishment by itself. And to make things better, our buddy Ryan Wert of Elm Street Recording was there recording the whole thing for a compilation CD. The CD release party is scheduled for July 18th.

You’ve gotta love the crowd at Galaxy, Danielle was there, Emily Kilo was there, and a lot of our other friends came out. And we got to see a MOSH PIT OF GIRLS!!. I guess there’s a first time for everything.

CONGRATS TO OUR FRIENDS IN ARCHANA!! good job guys and gals. ~side note to Nathan~ dude, you got blood all over our snare drum…

So we placed 5th out of 6 for the finals- not so good lol. But 5th out of 20 for the whole competition- pretty damn good. We are still a new band that needs to build our fanbase. So hopefully everyone had a good time rockin out with us and you will come back out to see us again.

Subject : Article by Alan Smith
Posted Date: : May 9, 2009 1:53 PM
Link to full article:
Well to call this a “debut” is pushing it considering all the gigs this band has had in the last few months but… they had not played in their hometown until Saturday night. The word success doesn’t completely describe what happened here at InSights, a more accurate description would be “magical”. Yes it was a magical evening when A Hero Falls made their debut in Livingston county, and it was long overdue!

For those of you who have seen A Hero Falls, but did not attend Saturday, you saw a different band. Because on Saturday was the debut of their new lead singer April. If you thought they were good before, you’re in for a treat. April brought back memories of Pat Benatar for me personally (ironic we just finished femal lead singers for our Fantasy Bands isn’t it) and they kicked serious a#$!!!!!
Here, hot off the presses are the latest promo pictures of the band for your review.
You can follow the band’s schedule on their MySpace site and if you go there you’ll see they’re scheduled to return to InSights on June 6th! We had them booked for a return visit before they left the building Saturday night! This June will be the one year anniversary of Open Mic Nights here at InSights and we’re very proud to have A Hero Falls kick off this very special month for us.
Mark the date of June 6th and be sure to be at InSights to be part of our anniversary celebration. A Hero Falls will give you a great show, at a great price and I guarantee you will walk away feeling satisfied. I could write for several more paragraphs on how much I love this band, but see for yourself what all the buzz is about; go to A Hero Falls right now! More later, until then, stay tuned.

Subject : Our Debut at Insights
Posted Date: : May 4, 2009 4:46 PM
This show was great. And with the location all of our friend could easily make it out. It’s about time we got another solid venue in Livingston besides The Opera House and HPAC.

We have already booked a second show their on June 6th. Don’t miss this one because we will be rocking with another great band from around town, Break the Day. So come out and support your local music scene!!!

Also, thanks to Alan and Lamocu Productions for making sure everything went as smoothly as possible. Check out their page:

Subject : Mac’s Bar w/ Bloodletting and A Big Crash
Posted Date: : Apr 23, 2009 11:18 AM
The lineup for the night definitley kept things interesting. We opened the show for Bloodletting (who will be opening for Disturbed and Killswitch Engage). Needless to say, they are pretty good. The other bands, One Without Reason, Escherbach, and A Big Crash were all very different from each other. So, it was an entertaining show.
Thanks to everybody that showed up!

To our friends in A Big Crash: I think you’ve found a drummer good enough to keep.
Subject : GEC Semi-Finals
Posted Date: : Apr 12, 2009 1:55 AM
Well, we got second place for the evening. We have to wait till next weekend to see if our score is high enough to get us into the finals.
As always, Galaxy was a lot of fun, and the other bands were cool. It’s great to see the familiar faces of some of the fans that keep making it out to see us. Kit, Michelle, Danielle. We really appreciate it.
Hopefully we’ll be able to compete in the finals, but if not, we’ll definitely be scheduling more shows at Galaxy. It’s become a home for us.
-And we were excited to unveil “Fallout” at the show. Hope you guys liked it.-

Update 4-20-09:
We made it into the Finals!! Can’t wait to see everyone there on May 9th. We’re definitley gonna need crowd support to win this one, so trick your friends into going with you lol.

Subject : The Shady Civilians’ Pre-recording show.
Posted Date: : Apr 6, 2009 12:25 PM
The show went well, we got to eat more of Mrs. C’s famous pizza, and we got to see some impressive bands: Known Felons, Arnuld’s Bar, Remedy Blue, and of course The Shady Civilians. I gotta hand it to the guy from Known Felons though. He can shred on the guitar.
There were a couple of girls that showed up after they found us on myspace. I thought that was bad ass. Apparently this site really works.
In a related note: if you are reading this, come see us at Galaxy Entertainment Center’s battle of the bands round 2 on April 11th.

Subject : Nebula Underground Radio ~internet radio
Posted Date: : Mar 24, 2009 11:06 AM
A Hero Falls is being featured in the regular rotation on the ~Nebula Underground Radio~ internet radio station. You can listen to us and other great bands by going to and clicking the fourth button from the left (labeled Nebula Underground Radio).

Subject : Galaxy Entertainment Center BOTB RD1
Posted Date: : Mar 17, 2009 3:17 PM
So, A Hero Falls is advancing to round 2 of the BOTB along with Endless Aisle. Having April do the main vocals turned out well and we had a great time. Everyone at GEC was very nice, including the judges, bands, and the girls that work there. We are excited to go back for round 2 on April 11th, and April 3rd for The Shady Civilians’ show.
On a side note:: Mrs.C’s pizza is awesome!!

Subject : Free Music Download!!
Posted Date: : Mar 11, 2009 4:12 PM
First off, thanks to everyone for their interest in our music since starting this page. Anyway, instead of making you wait for our shows to get a free copy of the demo, we are letting you download it for free on Purevolume. That way you can have more time to check out all the tracks, and burn copies for your friends. Although, we will still have free demos and stickers at our shows.

Subject : New Singer!!!
Posted Date: : Mar 4, 2009 9:13 PM
Very soon A.H.F. is going to have a new lead singer!! She’s short, has blond hair, and can sing the HELL out of anything! We are extremely excited to add April to the group. We have plans to re-record the vocals at Elm Street. Look forward to hearing it!

Subject : Free Demo Give Away! w/stickers
Posted Date: : Feb 18, 2009 7:40 PM
At the shows that we have posted on the site, we will be selling our merch and giving away free demos! Come to a show and we will be handing them out at the merch table to every and anyone. We hope to see you there!
And we put stickers in the cases… free of charge. Cus we’re cool like that.

Subject : Elm Street Recording
Posted Date: : Jan 21, 2009 4:16 PM
A Hero Falls wants to thank Ryan Wert of Elm Street Recording for all his help.
visit for more info on the studio and the other bands that have gone through there.

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