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Early 2010 Blogs

September 23, 2010

Subject : Just some news

Posted Date: : Jul 29, 2010 9:03 PM

The 77:7 Project is uploaded for a short period of time!!!
View it in it’s entirety here:

Also, A Hero Falls broke 1000 votes on the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands for Warped Tour this year. We ended up in the top 40 range for Detroit bands, but sadly we didn’t make it in.

And we are working hard on some new songs that we are really excited about. Lots of catchy lyrics, and guitar solos and other fun stuff that we like to do. We should be ready to record again soon.

Now stop reading this and go listen to Avenged Sevenfold’s new album Nightmare. It is amazing!

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Subject : A Big Crash’s last show

Posted Date: : Jul 11, 2010 2:17 PM

We just finished putting pictures up from our Howell Opera House show with Giraffe Attack, Boherald, I, The Envy, Humble An Empire, and of course A Big Crash.

Although the show was fun, it is sad to see one of Livingston County’s staple bands leaving the scene. Hopefully, the guys will continue side projects of some kind.

Thanks for coming and hangin’ out with us! We’ll see you again soon.

Also, it is getting really close to the end of the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands, and we have climbed to page two. Somewhere in the top 40. All we have to do now is be selected by the judges. It would definitely help if everyone could continue to vote for us every day.

Subject : Esente

Posted Date: : Jun 11, 2010 12:07 AM

Anybody with a MySpace account knows that this site is filled with spam, fake ads, and misleading propositions. But every once in a while you might get a message that seems legit.

We were recently contacted by Ensente Music Group. Apparently, they are looking to put together compilation CDs that help promote anti drinking and driving. They asked to use “Die For This” along with a picture or two.

I don’t know what will come of it, but our band isn’t afraid to give out free music. So we went with the flow on this one. It seems like a good cause. You can check out the site here:

p.s. don’t drink and drive

Update- 7-29-10

Email from Esente

Hey guys,

Good news, the CD is now up and running on our website and ready for download! I
just want to thank you again for participating and for helping make things run nice and
smooth. I am going to continue blogging and spreading the word about the CD so we can get the bands as much recognition as possible. To help that process please blog and post on your website to let your fans know about your part in all of this and how they can download their free copy. I have put the link to the site below so you can go check the CD out for yourselves. Thanks again guys!

Rockers Michigan 2010


Subject : The Autie Project

Posted Date: : Jun 8, 2010 4:12 PM

Our friends at Kafabee have just finished with production of The 77:7 Project and are now focusing on their next documentary, The Autie Project.

They have asked to use another one of our songs, specifically ‘Die For This’. We support the cause, and we’re happy to be a part of their work.

“The Autie Project is a film documentary beginning production in summer of 2010. it’s goal is to showcase children and adults on the Autism spectrum taking a deep look into the hearts and minds of people born set apart. key things we will cover will be misconceptions, judgments and understanding in social and religious settings alike. Follow us as we update the world with an amazing, true life scope on a very different world. Brought to you by the makers of, the 77:7 Project.”

Subject : Thank You Fusion Shows!

Posted Date: : Jun 1, 2010 7:45 PM

Bled Fest 2010 was awesome! As was expected. Thank you Fusion Shows for hosting the event yet again. Also, thank you to everybody that came out to enjoy the festivities. Especially Banana Man, we enjoyed rocking out on stage with you, lol.

There were so many great performances: Violets for Verona, Koji, Break The Day, Tiger! Tiger!, La Dispute, Before Their Eyes. It was very cool to be a part of it all.

Also, a quick mention of Giraffe Attack, and Claremont. I’ve seen these bands perform before and they stepped it up quite a bit at Bled Fest. It was pretty impressive.

I hope everyone enjoyed our set; And if you got one of our demos be sure to listen to it. If you like it, please burn it for your friends.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the video review of our band by Ravensguy2007, watch it. It’s very entertaining. I stumbled onto his youtube page while looking for a review of a tv series, and I figured I’d ask him to review us. Surprisingly, he did. Enjoy:

Subject : Bled Fest Tomorrow!

Posted Date: : May 28, 2010 12:59 AM

Bled Fest is tomorrow (Saturday)!! We play at 2:00pm on Stage E (classroom stage). Come check out the tunes with Austin Martinez playing drums. This show is going to be HUGE!!

Use this to plan your show schedule:


These are subject to change, all the way up until the date of the show.
LAST UPDATE: May 27 – 10:01PM

STAGE A (main stage)
1220-1240 Fight Fair
100-120 Monsters
140-200 Amarna Reign
220-240 Within the Ruins
300-325 Before Their Eyes
350-415 Of Mice and Men
440-505 In Fear and Faith
530-555 The Swellers
620-650 The Bled
715-745 Misery Signals
815-845 Strike Anywhere
915-1000 Polar Bear Club

1200-1220 Leviathan
1240-100 Act As One
120-140 So Save Me
200-220 Endeavors
240-300 The Color Morale
325-350 Your Best Friend
415-440 Siren the Escape
505-530 Legend
555-620 Balance and Composure
650-715 The Felix Culpa
745-815 La Dispute
845-915 Trash Talk

1200-1220 It Lies Within
1240-100 Audrey
120-140 Kill Paradise
200-220 TBA
240-300 Apathetic Critic
325-350 Brothers
415-440 Koji
505-530 Native
555-620 Versus the Ocean
645-710 Good Weather for Airstrikes
735-800 Wilson
825-850 This Town Needs Guns

1220-1240 Robots in the Garden
100-120 Boherald
140-200 Accidents
220-240 Ender
300-325 Ambush
350-415 Failed Attempt 52
440-505 Tiger Tiger
530-555 Honor Bright
620-645 Continuance
710-735 Castevet
800-825 The Yellow Sign
850-915 Bahamut

STAGE E (classroom stage)
1240-100 Burning Alexandria
120-140 A Big Crash
200-220 A Hero Falls
240-300 Bike Tuff
325-350 Giraffe Attack
415-440 Violets for Verona
505-530 Tall Ships
555-620 The Superbums
645-710 Claremont
735-800 Shorelines
825-850 Break the Day

1pm – Your Best Friend
145pm – Of Mice and Men
230pm – Koji
315pm – La Dispute
4pm – The Swellers
445pm – Misery Signals
530pm – Strike Anywhere
615pm – Polar Bear Club
7pm – Before Their Eyes
745pm – Within the Ruins
830pm – The Color Morale
*Access to signing/meet and greet area limited to persons who purchased VIP ticket packages, and those who won them via contests both online and at the show!  Watch for your chance to win push-up contests and more to win a special gold VIP wristband and gain access to these special meet-and-greet areas!*

Subject : 5/15/2010

Posted Date: : May 15, 2010 8:01 PM

Last night was Archana’s CD Release for “Towers” and they did a very nice job. Other than Mr. C kicking out the band The Shout Aways, the night went pretty smooth.

Our acoustic set was kinda quiet, but it was an interesting opener. And, we gave away a lot of demos and Bled Fest flyers, which was one of the main goals of the show.

We are looking forward to booking a short tour with Archana, hopefully over the summer, so be prepared for that.

Also, I made a page for the band on Wikipedia. Basically out of boredom, but I think they are going to end up deleting it. Apparently we aren’t that credible of a band yet, haha. You can try and check it out before it disappears at

And we will keep you posted on other stuff as it gets closer to Bled Fest.


Subject : Do you want to play drums in A Hero Falls?

Posted Date: : May 8, 2010 4:45 PM

A Hero Falls is in need of a drummer.

Unfortunately, at this time our bass player, Jake Deaven, is not able to be a part of our live shows. This is not by his or our choice. Although I won’t get into the reasons behind our situation, I will say that Jake is still a part of our band. And we will continue to write and record songs together when we can.

After having several fill-ins on bass over the last year or so, we decided to have Daniel Collins take over the position. The move is good for us, because bass is what he is most comfortable playing. And with him out front, he will be able to better perform his vocal duties.

But, that leaves us without a drummer. Matt Rutkowski, from Break The Day, may still be helping us out at Bled Fest. However, that is seeming very unlikely do to his busy schedule.

So, as of now, we are looking for the next permanent member of our band. Our basic requirements are:

1. Be over the age of 18, and have transportation.

2. Be available for frequent practices and shows.

3. Understand basic music theory and be technically proficient with your instrument.

4. Like a variety of music, especially our style. (A7X, Paramore, ADTR)

Subject : Last chance to buy VIP Tickets!

Posted Date: : May 8, 2010 4:20 PM

The VIP Tickets for the 2010 BLED FEST are only available until the end of the day today. Get them while you can. A VIP ticket includes admission, limited edition t-shirt and screen-printed poster, a VIP laminate with access to meet and greets with your favorite bands, a grab bag full of swag, food and drink tickets, and a chance to win Fusion Shows tickets for a year!

We can’t wait to see everyone at Bled Fest on May 29th. We have 1000 demos cut and ready to be handed out. If you want one, you’ll have to go to the show. Tickets are $15 from us or $20 at the door.

And, we are still in the running for the the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands 14. If everyone keeps voting for us we could end up playing in the Detroit date of Warped Tour.

Also, The 77:7 Project is scheduled to be completed soon. They are now looking for corporate sponsors who can contribute to the films first press to DVD.

Don’t forget, Archana’s CD release party is in less than a week (May 14th). A few of us are going to be playing an acoustic set to open their show, and handing out new demos.

Here is our May schedule:

5/29/10 @ Hartland Performing Arts Center

(BLED FEST 2010)


5/14/10 @ Galaxy Entertainment Center

(Acoustic Performance)
Coleman, MI

Important links:

Subject : The 77:7 Project

Posted Date: : Apr 29, 2010 8:21 PM

Our song Ashes will be featured in an upcoming film documentary about beliefs and religion in subcultures. The film is called The 77:7 Project. It is scheduled to be released next month, and it will be submitted to the Sundance Film Festival and the Salt Lake City Film Festival.

The 77:7 Project is the product of Kafabee. Kafabee is a non-profit film studio shooting documentary projects to revolutionize thinking through love and real life understanding of social subject matter.

Other artists on the soundtrack include: White Collar Side Show, Warbringer, Augury, Oceano, Sullen MC, Adverse, A Vain Attempt, and more.

Visit the website:
or find them on Facebook

Subject : 4/26/10

Posted Date: : Apr 26, 2010 9:32 PM

May is getting close… the suspense is building… Bled Fest awaits

If you don’t already know, we are playing in the 2010 Bled Fest (May 29th) at the Hartland Performing Arts Center on M-59 by US-23. The lineup is amazing and the tickets are $15.

We’ve had to make a small lineup change for the show do to some unfortunate circumstances. And we are happy to say that Matt Rutkowski from Break The Day will be playing the drums for us. We are lucky to have friends as good as those guys, this is the second time they have stepped up to save us. Do me a favor and check out their music @

Also, another band that we are friends with, Archana, are finally having a CD release party for the album they wrote after winning the Galaxy BOTB. A few of us will be joining them in their celebrations on May 14th at the Galaxy Entertainment Center and playing an acoustic set to start the show. Check out their debut album “Towers” streaming in it’s entirety for free for the next couple of days @

Can’t wait to have some of Mrs. C’s world famous pizza!

And another thing, I feel that I should share that we have a thousand demos pressed that we will be handing out at Bled Fest.


Subject : Get Your Bled Fest 2010 Tickets Now!!

Posted Date: : Apr 20, 2010 7:18 PM

Bled Fest 2010 is just a couple of weeks away! We are very excited to play again, especially considering this years lineup: The Swellers, La Dispute, Tiger! Tiger!, In Fear And Faith, Before Their Eyes, The Yellow Sign, And Hell Followed With, Misery Signals….

Get your tickets from us! We will bring them to you if we have to. They are $15 from us or $20 at the door, it’s your choice.

Also, as you can see, we have our layout up. We had it done by Ron Howard of Fusion Shows, Phantom Creative Group, and Clockwork Media. If you like his work email him at

Subject : Volume Two Preview

Posted Date: : Mar 28, 2010 11:26 PM

We finished our first session for Volume Two this weekend at Elm Street Recording. The first two tracks, Die For This and The August Incident are up now.

We have a lot of the other songs written out already. So look forward to hearing those eventually. But, for now we will be focusing on our live show, merch, websites, Bled Fest, and our lineup.

We hope you enjoy the new tunes.


Subject : Great Show w/ Break The Day

Posted Date: : Mar 21, 2010 11:37 PM

Our show last weekend with Break The Day was awesome! They did the best job that we’ve seen them do so far, and everyone had a good time. Also making the night more fun was Jenova (awesome band from dexter) 1, 2 Many, Lich, and Excessive Blood Loss.

We owe a big thanks to Nolan Holt for filling in on bass. If you haven’t noticed, this is becoming a pattern for us. Our situation with our bass player is getting worse. Although it is not his fault, we are going to have to find a replacement for our live shows. We will post more on the issue later.

And if you haven’t heard yet, we have our Bled Fest tickets in hand. They are $15, but they are $20 at the door. So save yourself the five dollars and buy them from us!

Also, April made us a profile on the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands website for a chance to play on Warped Tour. So, just like every other band in the country, we ask that you take the time to vote for us at



Subject : Asking April

Posted Date: : Mar 18, 2010 11:24 PM

Asking April

Today we put Volume One up in its entirety. We like to think of it as our first complete album, but in actuality, it’s still a demo. We hope you enjoy it though.

Don’t forget, we have a show tomorrow at the American Legion Post 419 in Pinckney with Break The Day, Lich, 1, 2 many, and Excessive Blood Loss. We will be selling Bled Fest tickets and promising Volume One demos to anyone who buys a ticket.

Also, we have put together a short interview between April and two of our close friends: Antonia Fountain, and Taylor Hendricks. Hopefully this will help you get to know us a little better as a band.

AF:  How and when did you form the band?

April: Bud and I started a band when I was about 11, and Jake would play off and on with us. In high school, my sister, who played with us at the time, left the band and we were left with the two of us. We had jammed with Ryan a couple of times and knew what a good guitar player he was so we formed a band called Jonny Rhythm, in which I played the drums and we were pretty much a cover band. Bud and I have known Daniel since like the age of 3 so we called him in to play bass. The guys eventually started a side project, A Hero Falls, but they needed a singer so I started singing for them and eventually Jonny Rhythm was abandoned and we became A Hero Falls…..

TH: Why did you guys start the band in the first place?

April: To serve society by rocking. Haha, we just all have a passion for music. I’ve never not been in a band so it’s just what comes natural to all of us. It’s what we do…..

AF: Who came up with the name and what’s the story behind it?

April: I believe it was Ryan who actually came up with the name A Hero Falls. It’s the name of a music video for Star Wars. We’re all HUGE Star Wars fans so it fits us. We’re all just nerds at heart…..

TH: What was your first gig like and how did it impact you guys as a band?

April: Haha, oh man we played at the Fowlerville High battle of the bands. I think we played all covers and I know we played them all WAY too fast! It was a lot of fun though because all of our friends were there cheering us on and at the time we thought we were it. Looking back on it, it’s pretty hilarious but it definitely gave us the encouragement to want to play out some more and take it to the next level, which for us was writing songs…..

AF: What is the song that you are most proud of and why?

April: Well, there’s a song called The August Incident that is coming out soon on the new demo that is one of the most honest things I have ever written. It’s a personal story about something that happened in my life that was just too important not to write down. It’s just me being completely honest about my feelings. But also I’m pretty proud of Say It First because it sounds completely different than anything we’ve done so far and I think it’s important to have diversity in your songs so that they don’t all sound the same.
TH: Who writes your songs? And if there’s a theme to them, what is it?

April: We all collaborate on every song. Usually one person will start the foundation of a song with either lyrics or a riff and bring it to the group and then we all add our own flair to it. Like for instance, Jake wrote the riff and lyrics to Escape From Conformity and then we all added in our own parts and made it AHF. That’s how all of our songs go. Teamwork! Yeah! (does mad arm pump) the themes to our songs are just about whatever we are feeling at the time and whatever we are going through. Say It First is about taking the risk to be able to admit you’re in love. We just write about life and hopefully it’s relatable.

AF: What are some artists that influence or inspire the band?

April: Oh gosh so many! Avenged Sevenfold, Paramore, and A Day to Remember are the main bands we draw inspirations from. I personally listen to very diverse genres of music. In middle school I went to a Dixie Chicks concert and was blown away by Natalie’s voice and stage presence. She’s the reason I started singing! But we all have our own individual influences, Paramore, A7X, Atreyu, A Day To Remember, Bayside, John Mayer.

TH: If you could describe the band/music with one word, what would it be?

April: Unique? I suppose…hard question.

AF: Has the band developed a style, clothing wise?

April; I think that our styles are very reflective of our personalities, but we’re generally very colorful so to speak. We aren’t a scary, dark metal band. We’re all happy, fun people and I think that shows in what we wear and in our music. I wear a lot of color; I like to think I have a colorful personality. Haha jk…..

AF: When you first formed the band, did the first rehearsal go well?

April: It was a little challenging for me I think because they already had some of the songs written. So, I had to come in and learn them, which was hard. I kept forgetting the lyrics haha. Plus they were trying to see if a girl singer would work for the sound of the band. So I was pretty nervous. But overall it went decent. I think it was half practice, half Daniel making us all laugh with the creepily accurate Peter Griffin voice he does…

TH: Do you have any advice for other guys out there who want to form their own band?

April: I guess just don’t hold back. Do what you love and stick to it. It’s scary putting yourself out there, but I’ve found that when I started being honest about myself through music it really made the songs that much better. So just do what you love and keep writing and playing. Any experience you have will probably make a good song, so write it down!

Subject : March update

Posted Date: : Mar 2, 2010 3:01 AM

Thanks to everyone for helping us make our way onto the 2010 BLED FEST! We are more than excited to be a part of it. The hard work definitely doesn’t stop here though. We learned last year, after being tossed into the mix, that there is a lot of preparation needed for this show. After we finish our recording session this month we plan to have a ton of demos cut and merch all lined up.
We also have a show planned this month with our friends in Break The Day, and Lich. We haven’t had the pleasure of getting us all under the same roof before, it should be intense. The new local pop punk talent 1, 2 Many will be there as well, expect good things.

Subject : Request A Hero Falls @ BLED FEST 2010

Posted Date: : Feb 21, 2010 2:57 AM

We need your help.

(request to see A Hero Falls at BLED FEST by commenting on their pages.)

A Hero Falls is one of the newest bands to join the local music community; And as such, we will need more than just “Myspace friends” and high play counts on our site to get noticed.

What we do have is a steadily growing fan-base, and a strong work ethic. We are proving our work ethic by providing a constant flow of new material out to our friends. But, we need help proving that people are interested in our band.

This is where you come in.

BLED FEST is the biggest and most important music festival in Livingston County, and surrounding areas. It is a showcase of incredible local talent and some of the hottest national acts. It is run by some of the most down to earth, cool people you’ll ever meet. But, as cool as they are, they cannot place every band from mid-Michigan on the bill. Only the ones that will benefit the event.

Help us prove to them that we are a smart choice by requesting us on their Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Etc.

to our friends: Thank you for requesting us on BLED FEST‘s page. However, please keep your comments to a minimum. We don’t want any unnecessary conflict.

Subject : Synopsis

Posted Date: : Feb 11, 2010 1:38 AM

Volume One

Release Date:2010



Volume One is a ten-track demo by A Hero Falls. The album spans the genres of rock, metal, and punk. Featuring dual lead vocals, harmonized guitars, melodic ballads, and driving rhythms; Volume One is a platform for A Hero Falls to expand on. As the name implies, there will be more to come.

“Volume One is our first completed demo. It is ten tracks that will show you exactly what we are about. We’ve incorporated everything that we love about rock, metal, and punk into it, and we gave it our own spin. I think it really showcases how our band stands out. We have a Daniel and April singing leads. We have Jake playing some hopping bass lines, and of course, Bud and I (Ryan) shredding together in harmony. It’s definitely special to us because it solidifies our band, and it gives us a starting point to move forward from.

What I think is cool is that all five of us blend together really well on it. We were able to go between breakdowns and acoustic pieces, and we all still agreed on the direction. Volume One will be our measuring tape for people’s response to us. Once we gauge the reactions we get, we can improve and adjust.”  – Ryan

Subject : A Hero Falls- Volume One Lyrics!!

Posted Date: : Feb 9, 2010 10:17 PM

See lyrics page

Subject : Thanks for coming out.

Posted Date: : Feb 6, 2010 3:08 PM

Last night was the Of Virtue show at H-PAC. It was a very “metal” show. We were definitely the lightest group of the bunch. Hopefully that helped us stand out from the crowd. “Thank you” to the people that made it out, we hope you had fun.

We got to take our layout pix with Ron Howard, it was pretty nice of him to come out to meet us on his birthday. He’s a gentleman and a scholar lol. We look forward to seeing what he comes up with for us.

Also, it’s back to Elm Street tomorrow for vocal tracks on the new stuff.

Oh, and you may notice our profile pic is the BLED FEST promo. That doesn’t mean we got in, but there is still time for you to leave them a comment requesting us.

Subject : Under Construction

Posted Date: : Jan 26, 2010 1:44 AM

You may have noticed that we took most of the stuff from our page down. We are having a layout designed by Ron Howard from Fusion Shows and Clockwork Media. The logo has been redesigned and we are just waiting on getting our pictures finished (hopefully this weekend). So for now we’ll live with the plain MySpace default page.

Don’t forget about our show February 5th with Of Virtue. We can’t wait for a chance to rock out in front of real people again haha.


Social Networking:

*just an update of what we have been doing*

see Events page

Subject : One Year Today

Posted Date: : Jan 18, 2010 2:20 PM

It’s been one year since our first session at Elm Street, and we just finished our third. We are done mixing the original songs and we have laid down most of the music for the new stuff. We are really excited about how it’s sounding. We have gotten much better at not only writing, but playing music. I think people will be able to see the improvements. We also made an adjustment in our tuning to try to compensate for our singers.

Our next sessions are already scheduled for February, and in March. We will be working hard to make sure that it is worth the wait.

Our demo is basically an ongoing project. But, we will probably group these songs together in a “Volume 1” album. Then begin the “Volume 2” and try not to look back.

Volume 1
Blood And Blessings
Whatever It Takes
Pretty Face
Escape From Conformity
Worn To The Bone
Say It First

Volume 2
Die For This
The August Incident
Everyone’s A Critic
An Ocean Apart~~~working title
MI~~~working title

Thanks again to our buddy Ryan Wert @

Subject : New songs just a couple days away. (we need a favor)

Posted Date: : Jan 11, 2010 10:59 PM

We are all getting very excited to share our new material with you. Also, we plan on bringing some friends of ours into the studio with us to record video and take pix. Someday when we are famous we will have a sweet documentary.

As I said before, A Hero Falls will be focusing on quality rather than quantity this year. With that in mind, we are trying very hard to get into this years BLED FEST. Last year was sick with 1800 kids and 58 bands we were lucky to have been given an extra spot by a very generous Nate Dorough. This year we would not like to make it in as a fill-in. We want to prove how much we have grown since our start last year.

If you love A Hero Falls… please, let Fusion Shows know it. Leave comments on their page, status, wall posts, etc. That is the only real power we have, you guys. Hurry up before the lineup is finalized and posted!!!

Whether or not we make it in, we will still be there. lol, it is going to be absolutely insane this year. Can’t wait to see some of our favorite bands that we hope make it in. (Tiger! Tiger!, Break The Day, etc.)

Now go, help us shamelessly promote ourselves haha.



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