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The First of Many

September 25, 2010

Like the title suggests this will be the first of many “journal” type blogs that I’ll be writing to whoever is reading. I say “journal type” because that’s how I write. In a rambling, personal sort of way. This is actually the first blog I’ve ever written in my life so who ever reads this…feel special. There’s something strange about the first entry because it’s kind of like a first impression. Hopefully I don’t scare anyone off. I thought a lot about what I would want people to know about us as a band and what WOULD I want them to know? I guess the main thing is that we all have a deep love for music. It’s kind of cool how music can bring people together for the same reason. To feel good and passionate about something and to simply have a great time. I guess the point of this blog is for me to try and show you all who we are and what we can do! We’ve gone through a lot of changes in just the last year alone. We have transformed our sound to something that works better for us while still keeping the rock edge that we like, hopefully this will show through on our upcoming songs. I know that some of you have seen an awful lot of line up changes from us in the past year but we are finally sorted out. Strange that we went back to how we started with Jake on bass and Daniel drums. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it right?

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be saying this but like I always do, I’m gonna say it. We sent a lot of press kits out to different labels and are still waiting to hear back. This should give you a hint as to the direction we want to go in and we won’t be giving up any time soon. In the meantime we have been writing, writing, writing like mad and will be going into the studio again very soon! Woo. I guess this ends my first blog, like I said hopefully you weren’t deterred by my excessive rambling 🙂 be back soon,


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