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Studio Update #1

November 29, 2010

It’s time for an update on our recent happenings: We spent the weekend with Mat Halliday of The Minx Recording Studio laying down drum and bass tracks. It feels great to be in the middle of another session of recording. We can’t wait to be back at it again next weekend. It’s going to be a bummer not to be able share our music with everyone for a while. We want to make sure it is perfect first, but we may end up giving you a sampler teaser here and there. Until then, we will continue updating the site. Especially the Photos section.

Also, don’t forget about this:


The band would also like to embrace the Thanksgiving spirit this time of year and just give a quick thanks to everybody that has helped us out, individually and as a band.  There have been times when we’ve needed equipment, or a fill-in member, or a recommendation. And generally, people come through for us. So, thank you.

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