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Studio Update #2

December 7, 2010

It was a productive weekend at The Minx.  With donuts and hacky-sack. And also, recording. Just another half day or so and we’ll have three tracks done and ready for mixing and post production stuff (that’s code for “I don’t know what Matt does but it will sound better”) But we still aren’t ready to call it quits. As we stated before, we plan on a Five song EP. So we will have to book some more time soon. We also have to find time to prepare for our show. This should be a fun month. If you want a preview of the new material though, come see us play at The Rock Stars Academy on the 18th. Our friends at Ample Booking have a great lineup prepared.

As soon as we have a good sampler, we will post a clip here (because Myspace is dead, and this is classier). Just to hold everyone over until the album is done.

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