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AHF: Pushing Conformity to the Wayside

April 11, 2012

A Hero Falls – Pushing Conformity to the Wayside
by: Meghan Neuland (Kzoo Music Scene)

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By Meghan Neuland

Beginning as a cover band playing small local parties and school talent shows, A Hero Falls changed their ways in 2009 to become a full-on rock band.

“All the members of A Hero Falls have been in a band together in one combination or another for a long time,” said guitar player Ryan Concienne. “After deciding to write, record, and play original material, we formed the current line-up named A Hero Falls, and haven’t looked back.”

Members of this “do-it-yourself” band from Howell, Michigan consist of April Concienne on vocals, Ryan Concienne on guitar, Bud Glenn also on guitar, Jake Beaven on bass, and Daniel Collins on percussion.

With a female front woman the vocals even out the heavy yet controlled sound of the band. But make no mistake, April can belt out the words to their inspirational songs. Themes such as being proud of who you are, and not letting anyone change you, is shown off in lyrics such as “never let them try to fix you, when you know that you’re not broken. There’s nothing wrong with being the misfit, in this plain existence,” from the song “Never Forget” off of their EP “Stable Grounds” which came out in June of last year.

The members of A Hero Falls describe their sound as a collaboration of more than one genre. Alternative rock infused with metal-like dueling guitars with a poppy after taste.

“We want to be generated towards the genre of pop but don’t want to be too poppy,” said the band. “We try to have an edge but are poppy at the same time.”

A Hero Falls is influenced by bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, No Doubt, A Day to Remember and Sunny Day Real Estate. Their strong meaningful lyrics combined with solid back beats and catchy riffs, will make it hard for their listeners to stand still.

Their latest EP “Stable Grounds” was released last June, and contains upbeat, high energy songs such as their first single “From our Eyes”. Other songs to check out are “On the Verge” and “Faces”.

A Hero Falls is currently on the roster for a local label called Brawl Records and is currently working on a full length album produced by Mat Halliday. With their new album dropping early this summer, they are hoping to build their fan base while continuously recording new music. They said their goal is to play bigger shows with a possibility of touring and eventually playing at Warped Tour.

“We are very happy with the way things are shaping up,” said Ryan. “We would like to finish up a couple music video projects and we are working on booking a short tour.”

When the band isn’t working up a sweat creating their music, they can be found doing everyday normal activities.

“We just hang out and watch nerdy movies or play video games.” said the band’s front woman, April. “We are avid whiffle ball players. We go to concerts and parties and stuff. Normal things.”

To learn more about A Hero Falls, listen to their latest music and watch the behind the scenes making of their EP “Stable Grounds”, you can checkout their website at

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