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The Return of The Livingston Underground

September 4, 2012

When The Livingston Underground came about, we weren’t really on the scene so to speak. So, we can’t exactly talk about what it used to be like. We came from Fowlerville where the only bands we knew about were Liberty Zero, Sugar Bandits, Shattered Image, Modulate to A, and us (Jonny Rhythm at the time). We struggled to book shows. We played a BOTB at FHS, a Hurricane Katrina benefit, some house parties, and once we were lucky enough to play the Milford ALP.

About the time that we started A Hero Falls (2008-ish), Fusion Shows had taken over as the main promoter for the area and they were more focused on larger acts and booking outside of Livingston County on a pretty regular basis. I still remember Kenny annoying Nate by emailing him repeatedly for a show. So, we kept booking places like Clutch Cargos, the Meijer Skate Park and more house parties.

But, when we finally got our chance to play with Fusion, we got thrown onto Bled Fest 09′. Since then, Nate has booked our CD release show, put us on Bled Fest 10′ and 12′, a Local Showcase, and a steady amount of other shows. These are events that have helped us out tremendously with experience, exposure, and with finding our sound/genre/style. With Fusion Shows’ support, we’ve had opportunities that most bands never get. And now we’re able to be a part of The Return of The Livingston Underground. We couldn’t be more happy that there is such an effort to restore the local scene. A venue that we could call our own would be a huge advantage for up and coming bands in the area.

So please, watch and share this video. And plan on coming to see all of the area’s finest on November 10th.

“In Livingston County, Michigan, there’s been a consistent, strong music scene playing in alternative concert spaces for the past 8 years. In 2012, a movement has been started to finally push towards opening a full-time performance space in the area. This film tells that story, and announces the first fundraising event, a multi-stage local music festival taking place on November 10 at the Hartland Performing Arts Center.

More information at!”

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