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Grand Rapids radio (97.9fm WGRD)

October 5, 2012

Hello peoples,

We have two really big shows coming up:

Tomorrow, Oct 6th, we are headlining at The Flint Local 432 (can’t wait to play on the new stage!)


November 10th we are playing The Return of The Livingston Underground

So come out and have a good time with us one more time this year. We won’t be booking any other shows until January or later unless they stand out in some way. Instead, we will be focusing on getting more content out for everyone to enjoy.

Make sure you head over to the Livingston Underground’s bandcamp: to download the new sampler that we are on. It features roughly 30 tracks by local artists old and new. It’s a “name your price” download. If you decide you want to pay, the proceeds go to help fund the new venue.

We should be finishing up our AHF: Making an Album series very shortly as well as putting out a song teaser or two. We’ve worked really hard on this record and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Recently, we were featured by Jackie Green on Grand Rapids’ Rock Alternative (97.9fm WGRD). You can read the post here:
And listen to the podcast here:

We were also featured on the Everything’s Music live show at:

For now, we have some really cool ideas for music videos that we want to start working on right away. So, we’ll be focusing on that and planning on what we want to do next year.

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