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Old Demos

December 13, 2012

Hey everyone,

The Return of the Livingston Underground was awesome! Thanks so much for coming out and jamming with us. It is crazy how much talent there is in the area. We discovered a lot of new bands like Bulletproof Snow, Signals, and Alaska as well as seeing our old favorites. If you arrived early you may have seen April getting on stage and crushing it with Ice Cream Social. Anyway, the LU has been pretty active since the festival. Here are the shows that have popped up since then:

December 15th at The Howell Opera House
“The Night of Ridiculously Awesome Holiday Sweaters”
Bust out your ugliest holiday sweater. Go to Salvation Army and find one. Winner gets a cool prize pack of tickets to local Fusion Shows events. 
Tickets: $8.00 adv / $10.00 day of show
all ages welcome, doors at 6:00pm
Tickets are on-sale now
Tiger! Tiger!
Small Parks
Giraffe Attack
The Threads
Hung Up
December 21st at Lakeview Lodge at the Howell Nature Center
All proceeds to be benefit LACASA, a local area shelter for victims of domestic abuse
Tickets: $5.00
all ages welcome, doors at 7:00pm
Tickets are on-sale now
Jeff Pianki
Avery Black
The Good Lion (Luke Tower from Island View Drive)
Brother James
December 29th at The Howell Opera House
Chris Nance annual benefit show
All proceeds to be split 50/50 between the Livingston Underground venue fund and the culinary department at Pinckney High School
Tickets: $8.00 adv / $10.00 day of show
all ages welcome, doors at 5:30pm
Tickets are on-sale now
Of Virtue
From Rise To Ruin
January 5 at The Howell Opera House
Tickets: $7.00
all ages welcome, doors at 5:30pm
Tickets on-sale soon
The Threads
Way To Fall
The Shack
Steven’s Salute
Double Dose

We have gotten a lot of people asking about all of our old music lately. Songs like “Whatever It Takes” and “Say It First” that we took offline a long time ago. In the band, we all have mixed feelings about these songs. Since we started out trying to be more metal or hardcore or w/e. Some of us wanted to just delete these songs and never look back. And that’s basically why the tracks haven’t been online. But, maybe we’ve been a little too hard on ourselves haha. So, to make some happy and others a little embarrassed I’m going to put up our demos. Merry Christmas, lol.

So here it is, everything we recorded as A Hero Falls before Stable Ground. I hope you’re able to see an improvement going from this stuff to our EP in 2011. The demo is available to download free from Bandcamp ( This should hold you over until we give you our new full length. We are so anxious to get it out it’s killing us. But it will be worth the wait. It should only be a matter of a couple weeks, or days hopefully.

I am not going to post anything on here again unless it’s to announce our Full-length being available. So be on the look out for that. In the mean time you can find our music playing on The Impact WLCB radio.

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  1. December 13, 2012 9:54 AM

    I love all your music, but yes, I see SO MUCH evolution going forward, its actually very cool to listen to early tunes and then more recent ones! Can’t wait for the new disc!!

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