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Bled Fest and Tour

May 29, 2013


Let me start by saying that Bled Fest was a success. The atmosphere throughout the day was positive and everyone seemed really excited to be there. We met a lot of really cool people, some of whom drove all the way from Minnesota to catch the festival and hang out all day. It was one of the most fun and energetic shows we’ve ever played, mainly due to how awesome the crowd was. You guys rocked that tiny room! Thank you to everyone that came to see us play and sang along with us. You made it our most memorable show so far! The next thing I want to say is that June 14th will be the start of our midwest tour with The Red Queen. Here are the dates so far:

6/22/13 @ The Punkney House
Pinckney, MI
6/21/13 @ TBA
6/20/13 @ TBA
6/19/13 @ JD’s Bar
Green Bay, WI
6/18/13 @ TBA
6/17/13 @ TBA
6/16/13 @ Ace Bar
Chicago, IL
6/15/13 @ The Sound Cellar
Chesterton, IN
6/14/13 @ Avenue Billiards
Jackson, MI

See you on tour!




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