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Happy New Year! 2014

December 28, 2013

Happy New Year!

It’s been an interesting six months for us. As some of you may know: after we got back from tour, Daniel left our band to move to California with his girlfriend. Obviously, that’s hard to recover from. So, we decided to find a new drummer. Coincidentally, Josh had just moved here from Idaho. And aside from being a super cool guy, he was really motivated to work with us. Unfortunately, he will be moving back home to Idaho instead of staying in Michigan.

So here we are again. It looks like we will be a four piece band for the foreseeable future. I wouldn’t call it time lost though, we’ve been practicing a lot and working on new stuff the whole time. This is a good opportunity for us to step outside of our comfort zone and come up with fresh sounds.

We had originally planned on recording in January. Now it’s looking like we will have to push that back just a bit.

We are really excited for 2014 though! We’ve been quiet in the Livingston County area for too long. Hopefully we can change that this year. April will be doing an interview with Keene State College Radio on January 19th at 11:30pm or so. They will probably play a few songs off of PTK;MFS, so don’t miss that. If you haven’t downloaded the album yet, what is your problem? It’s free on Bandcamp, along with Stable Ground and our Demos.


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