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We’re Still Here

June 20, 2014

With any kind of art, judging talent is all a matter of opinion. There are some basic things that most people agree on, but art is a very personal experience. This is why we have so many genres and styles. So if our band happens to be your cup of tea, then thank you.

Unfortunatley, people don’t always know what they like. And only extremely dedicated people actively seek out new music. For example, you probably didn’t write your own favorite song, but you knew it when you heard it. So please share our music with friends and family. Because, we’re not a signed band with professional marketing or a million dollar contract. We’re just normal people who play music for fun. And if you found us somehow, then you’re probably one of those extremely dedicated music-lovers (or my mom… Thanks mom).

Some people live the dream. They are successful because they have the right connections in the industry, or ride the wave of a new trend. Hard work plays a part, but only a part. In that way, being in a band is a lot like playing the lottery. We probably won’t win millions, but if we happen to hit a few scratch-offs once in a while, then I’m happy with that.

**A Hero Falls will be playing a free house show tonight at The Yaga House, and then start recording a new album tomorrow at Minx Recording.

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