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Checking In

June 21, 2015

Let me start by saying a big thank you to everyone who has downloaded our new album, Basement Famous, from Bandcamp! There was a week there where we were on the Bandcamp bestseller list. It’s really cool to see people taking an interest in us. As always, if you like our music, then please tell some friends. Help us get over 400 downloads. I mean if Drake can go platinum, then there’s nothing stopping us from hitting our goal.

We don’t blog too much these days. So, if you haven’t been following us on Facebook, then you may have missed our interview on the Just Talkin With Sam Podcast. I’ll post links below. Sam is a really cool guy. He met us at Uptown Coffee in Howell to nerd out about Avengers, Star Wars, and talk about music and things. And we also managed to fit a photo shoot in at some point.

It figures that we just took a bunch of photos of the four of us. Because, we just added a new fifth member. Jake Mervyn will be playing Bass guitar for us. Jake has a small independent record label called Hacktivism Records. Hacktivism releases obsolete media formats like cassette, mini disc, and floppy. Also, check out his solo project, Sob Story.


We have two shows coming up in July, one at the Hacktivism House, and another at the Michigan Vet Fest. See below.

vetfestflyer  11119129_403146213210273_6330893955480732677_o

Aside from practicing, booking shows, and other stuff, we’ve already started working on our next album. While most of the bands that we have known and played with over the years, have broken up or just called it quits, we’re still doing what we love. And where those old bands were, there are tons of new bands and musicians that have popped up. We’re looking forward to getting to know the new music in the area.

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