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September Update

September 30, 2015

Hello people,

We had a great time hosting a house show last weekend at the Hacktivism House. I booked my favorite local acts, and brought my PA to run sound. Honestly, it was really fucking cool to set up such an awesome show. It’s looking like that will probably be our last show of the year. We’re going to spend the next couple months focusing on writing and planning the next album.

Judging by how many tracks we are already working on, it will end up being a full length album. Normally I hate when bands just tease details about shit that isn’t even done yet. But I figure, if you’re on our site reading our blog, then you probably care enough about that stuff. So, I’ll tell you we’ve got some acoustic/folk tracks that we’re working on as well as some pop-punk style and a couple of interlude ideas.

Thanks for listening to us, and following us. Don’t forget to share our music with your friends.

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