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“Basement Famous” Lyrics

01. Seafaring

I’m the captain of my ship.
I can sail against the wind.
No one will ever be my anchor.
Sink or swim you won’t drag me down again

02. Directions

We’re three hours from the shore
But we’ve got the whole weekend
We’ve been there so many times before
And we’ll do it all again
And I remember thinking
When we pull up to the beach
That it’s truly the most beautiful
Thing I’ve ever seen

I don’t know where we’ll be
Guess we’ll have to wait and see
But for now I know that

This world is a maze
And I have lost my way
Every step in the wrong direction
At the end of every day
I’m getting closer to my grave
And I wouldn’t
I wouldn’t change a thing

With sand beneath our toes
The tide is at our feet
If I swim out past the pier
Would you follow me
The waves are crashing down
Its music to my ears
This is the happiest I’ve been
In 25 short years

And in time this too shall pass
Nothing will last forever
To the ends of the earth
I will show you what we’re worth
I can still see

03. Pyramids

Better start betting
Cuz this is almost ending
But wait
We should’ve said this sooner
It all spreads like a virus
Enough is never enough
Thus speaks the voice inside us
Those words, so bittersweet

And what you call a noble cause
Is nothing more than slave submission
What’s worse, it’s done with your permission
It makes me wonder what the mission’s here

Oh those thoughts, they make me sick
It always begs the question, who’s the one here who wins in the end?
It won’t be long till they’re all calling you back for more
It’s not something new
But it’s something that’s mine
And now it’s on the line
I’ll miss it all the time

And you better start asking
Which world you’d want to live in
One with
Pyramids or one without them
“Why should we break the silence?
It only leads to violence.
Best strive for peace and kindness.”
It’s those ideas that stick

And there’s a reason why they’re famous
It’s not what you’d think
Some people they can’t handle it
And there’s a reason why they’re famous
It’s not what you’d think
Sometimes I just can’t handle it

In my ears, those words they ring
Sounding like works of fiction
Dreams and hopes of our position
It won’t be long till they don’t come around here no more
It’s not something new
But it’s something that’s mine
And now it’s on the line
I’ll miss it all the time

We won’t fall
There’s nothing out there we don’t want
We won’t fall

04. Truth is Singular, It’s Versions Are Mistruths

There’s these things I let contain
My thoughts, my mind, my time
Feelings of discomfort
Grief, desperation, and desire

Your everyday life seems to blur
Sometimes it feels like the truth
Barely ever occurs
So wait wait wait
but it’s never too late

I hope someday we’ll see
Look back and laugh
At how ignorant we can be
Let’s listen to our hearts they beat
For a new start
A world come united
To be on the new horizon

Every night I lay in bed
It’s the same thoughts
Running through my head
This anxiety
Will be the death of you and me

Your everyday life seems to blur
How can we keep on living
If we all stop dreaming
So wait wait wait
But this time let’s sing

Stop and think about the choices we make
They reflect our lives that remain at stake
To some this life is simple
A little wave in a big pool of ripples
I won’t be handed my choices
Lets live a life our own
Let them hear your voices
Cus if we stand as one
They won’t forget us till we’re done

05. Underneath

I’m not the person
To make my family proud
But I try so hard to be
The best version of myself
And it’s killng me inside
But I won’t give up the fight
To turn this all around
And live a better life

I can face the day
I can take the pain
And I can’t wait to make the change
To be the person underneath
That’s the real me

So many times I’ve tried
To walk in their shoes
In my mind I empathize
And take the path they choose
But I just can’t decide
If this is the right time
To let my dreams pass me by

I know you feel just like I do
I know you’ve felt what I’m going through

06. Wish You Well

I’ve been thinking for a long time
About what could have been said
Maybe made things different, agreed instead
But you’re stuck on a need to fuel the flame
I got one thing to say
You’re the one to blame

You never had much to say
But when it came down to it I hoped that would change
I can’t hold you’re hand
Be what helps you stand

When I look back
I’ll remember the good things
When we would all laugh till we’re sick
Ill always remember it
Cus we all grow up, some things just suck
I swear I’m not bitter
In fact I feel much better

I wish you well
Only the best for you my friend
I wish you well

Together till the end, that’s what we said
Through thick and thin, what could we have been?
It’s hard to love someone who sees only there reflection
Well I’ve seen it too, with close inspection
You’re selfish ego, and ignorant mind
I hope for your sakesomeday you won’t be so blind

I hope you’re happy
cus you’re on your own
No more helping hands
Or friends of old
Be the person you want
cus that’s all you got

I wonder what you’re thinking as time passes by
Do you have regrets?
Or is this better in your eyes?
I can’t waste my time thinking about the reasons why
If it all meant so much
we would have never had to say goodbye

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