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March 31st 2011

March 31, 2011

April is almost here. It will be a month filled with… a show, and hopefully some music, and also some artwork that we will have put on a t-shirt. And I know we’ve been promising you t-shirts since forever ago. But, the art is being done by Lauren Deaven so we are confident that it will be good and different and all the things that we look forward to in t-shirt art. I also wanted to give a couple “thank you”s to Nicole Harrington and Tyler Malega who came in to do the group vocal parts of our EP with us at Minx Studio. And of course, Mat Halliday for the work he has done and has yet to do on our EP. This thing has been in the making for awhile now, We started recording in November but we didn’t actually finish the tracking until earlier this month. It takes a while to get everyones schedules to line up and still have time to play some shows in between.

Other than all that stuff that you’ve been hearing about for awhile, I’m excited to say that we have some cool banners we got to use at our last show. We made some PVC stands and painted some sheets to go on there.  It’s nothin’ too fancy but it works. and we’ve been working on our four part harmonies and live show stuff. I’ll post some content on here so you can see what I mean.


I will also be adding lyrics over the next week or two for the new songs. And fixing the old lyrics that we posted.

So, dont forget to come see us April 10th at the Crofoot w/ Romance On A Rocketship and For The Foxes, and someone else. And be excited about our EP. Tell your friends, and your mom, and your mom’s friends, and your friend’s moms. The mixes are sounding awesome. No more metal sh!t.

Here’s another vid for you to enjoy.

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